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Periodic CPC Training


The CPC qualification is legally required for professional HGV/LGV and PCV drivers that drive for hire or reward.

Drivers that passing their HGV/LGV or PCV test after September 2009 must by law have the additional Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC licence) in order to drive on a professional basis. As a result, Drivers can receive a fine of up to £1,000 if caught driving without it. Most importantly, the CPC qualification will need renewing every 5 years.

The Periodic CPC course is for those who pass their Initial CPC and just need to renew the qualification, or have it on “acquired rights”. For example, the full 5 cpc modules required can be completed within one week. Similarly, modules can be booked individually to suit your availability, for example, 1 module each year. After that, you will be qualified for 5 years.


Driver CPC Courses Aim

The aim is to improve industry compliance, driver confidence and increased working knowledge. Consequently, reducing the risk of incident or injury of professional HGV/LGV and PCV drivers throughout their working life.


CPC Courses

Course 1. Vehicle Checks & Drivers’ Legal Requirements –  To better understand the comprehensive practice and necessity for effective vehicle checks and compliance. Better understand Operator Licensing and DVSA traffic enforcement operations in the transport industries. Improve awareness of the driver’s legal responsibilities and obligations relating to driving in accordance with traffic legislation, medical standards, driver licensing and working requirements

Course 2. Driver Hours, Tachographs & Eco – Safe Driving- Reinforce understanding of the working time directive and driving hours legislation, and how they should be applied. Increase awareness for the responsibility of accurate record keeping and correct tachograph usage. Encourage and promote a more considered attitude for causes of accidents and safer practices to avoid them as a professional driver. Promote better journey planning to increase efficiency working on the modern road network.

Course 3. Vehicle Loading, Industry Safety and Prevention of Trafficking – Develop knowledge to increase compliance of constructions and use regulations, about the loading of vehicles and the effect driving forces have. Reinforce awareness for practical driver personal safety across industry activities, including identifying and managing risk and driver actions for the prevention of trafficking. Reinforce best practice for understanding, reducing and if necessary, extinguishing fire risk whilst driving or at work.

Course 4. Customer Care in the Transport Industry & Accident Procedures – To better understand the complexities for driver and operator operating in a growing and competitive market. Promote increased standards of service through effective communication and customer expectations. Improve awareness of care of accidents and actions required when first on scene.

Course 5. Bridge Strikes, Crossings & Vulnerable Road Users – Improve LGV/PCV driver awareness and responsibilities with regard to vulnerable road users. Better understand the LGV/PCV driver obligations and actions on in the event a bridge strike/ crossing incident. Encourage better journey planning, increasing awareness for the economic and personal factors affecting journey planning and progress.


Driver CPC Courses Availability

Periodic CPC training is available at all of our sites using our equipment or on your site using your facilities and equipment. More importantly, our Driver CPC Courses are available six days a week (Monday to Saturday) at our Hampshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire Periodic cpc training centres.


Facilities Required for On-Site Training

If you’d like Periodic CPC training to take place at your site, you must provide a training room suitable for the number of candidates, as well as the use of your facilities. Furthermore, the training room must be free from significant interruption.


Qualified & Professional CPC Approved Instructors

Our instructors undergo significant vetting – with confirmation of all industry experience and qualifications. Our instructors draw on over 25 years’ industry experience in jobs ranging from Transport Management, HM Armed Forces and Government Enforcement Agencies (VOSA, Police) etc.


Your Knowledge & Understanding is our Reputation

Our Periodic Driver CPC training is done in a relaxing way, two-way discussions with a professional instructor imparting knowledge and best practice, with your contributions and experiences. Therefore, you can always be sure to be taking something away.


Approved CPC Training Centre

Trailer Training UK are a JAUPT Approved Driver CPC Training Centre, that is fully compliant in both administration and delivery of CPC Training. We have highly competent CPC instructors and have some great JAUPT audit reports to read, and lots of good customer feedback.


Upon Completion

Once the 5 modules are complete, the DVSA will send you a Driver CPC card to the address on your driver’s licence. In addition, you can still drive professionally whilst you are waiting for your card to arrive.

CPC Registration No: AC01206

CPC Training
Things to Consider with Periodic CPC Training
  • Approved Periodic CPC Training Centre

Ensure that your instructor is on the register as a centre with JAUPT (the Government CPC awarding body). Most importantly, Instructors are subject to an external audit at any time, so they stay well informed of current legislation & industry practice. After that, look at their reviews as a company, if they are genuine it won’t all be 5 star.

They must have available their recent 12 months course feedback forms. For instance, scoring the drivers’ experiences from 1-5 on facilities, content and instructor performance. Most notably, a score of 2 or less in any or some areas is not a good indication.

Moreover, teaching CPC training across the UK since it began, we assure you every day all drivers are learning something new.


  • Qualified & Approved Instructors with Industry Experience

They should be able to comfortably deal with a range of queries you have relating to haulage or passenger-carrying operations, demonstrating a breadth of industry experience and up to date knowledge.

Your instructor has not done everything in the HGV/LGV or PCV world. However, with the right experience and positive attitude they will definitely have the knowledge to help you.


  • Driver CPC Courses Delivered On-site at Your Premises or at a Training Centre

Be wary of the individual ‘one man band’ self-employed instructors, who are not part of an established professional centre set up. It is critical for training support and contingency, when things rarely inevitably go wrong, and often a notable difference in quality being employed with a local Driver CPC training company.

So, go and visit the Periodic CPC training centre to see them in action. Likewise, meet their PCV / HGV CPC staff and see their facilities for yourself. Moreover, any centre should welcome you with open arms and answer any questions you have.


  • How many hours training per day you getting and watch out for cancellations?

You must receive the full statutory 7 hours driver CPC training. Only then will it be legally compliant, recorded and uploaded to get your DQC / CPC card (after 35 hours). Similarly, any ADR or HIAB courses must also be pre-registered with  JAUPT in order to qualify for CPC training.

Also, be wary if there is a common history of CPC courses being cancelled or re-arranged. This is most likely because the instructor or centre does not have anyone booked onto the course. In other words, be sure how and when they run courses.

  • £70.00per person
  • + VAT + DVSA Upload Fee
    • JAUPT approved for both HGV/ LGV & PCV drivers
    • Courses available 6 days a week, most weeks of the year.
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  • £325.00per person
  • + VAT + DVSA Upload Fees
    • JAUPT approved courses for HGV/LGV & PCV Drivers
    • Courses available 6 days a week, most weeks of the year.
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