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Initial CPC Course (Module 4)

Initial CPC Training (Module 4)


The CPC qualification is a necessity for professional HGV/LGV and PCV drivers that use this licence to drive.

All HGV/LGV or PCV drivers are required to have the additional Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC licence) in order to drive on a professional basis. Drivers can be fined up to £1,000 if caught driving without it. Originally, if you passed this licence on or after September 2009 you will first need to complete the initial CPC. The CPC qualification must be renewed every 5 years.

The Initial CPC course, consisting of Mod 2 (theory test) & Mod 4 (practical demonstrations test), is for drivers with no prior Driver CPC qualifications.


Course Aim

The aim is to improve the road safety awareness and driving skills of professional HGV/LGV and PCV drivers throughout their working life.


Elements Covered

The Initial CPC (Module 2) is a 75 minute long case studies theory test, usually completed alongside your other theories.

The Initial CPC (Module 4) is a practical demonstration, ‘show me’, ‘tell me’ test conducted at our driving test centres by our own DVSA trained examiners.  On the day of your test, you will receive the training required which will cover all elements of the practical demonstrations test.

The DVSA Initial CPC Module 4 test is up to 30 minutes in duration and includes questions from the examiner on the following topic areas areas;

  • Ability to load the vehicle and secure any cargo appropriately
  • Security of the vehicle and it’s contents
  • Ability to prevent criminality and trafficking of illegal immigrants
  • Ability to assess and deal with emergency situations
  • Ability to prevent physical risk. including daily walk around checks.



CPC training is available at all of our sites using our equipment. Courses are available six days a week (Monday to Saturday) at our Hampshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire driver training centres. We can usually book these in within 3 weeks however, please do call a training coordinator for more specific dates to suit you.


Qualified & Professional CPC Approved Instructors

Our instructors have undergone significant vetting – with confirmation of all industry experience and qualifications. Our instructors draw on over 25 years’ industry experience in jobs ranging from Transport Management, HM Armed Forces and Government Enforcement Agencies (VOSA, Police) etc.


Approved CPC Training Centre

Although we welcome it, we are a centre that rarely gets visited and audited by JAUPT – and that’s a good thing! A centre that is compliant in both administration and delivery of CPC Training, and has highly competent instructors, will rarely get an unannounced audit. Essentially left to get on with their good work, whilst those not so good get more visits. We have only had 3 audits in over 8 years!


Upon Completion

Once you have completed the Initial CPC, the DVSA will send you a Driver CPC card to the address on your driver’s licence. You can still drive professionally whilst you are waiting for your card to arrive.


CPC Registration No: AC01206

Initial CPC Training

Driver CPC Training
Things to Consider with Initial CPC Training
  • Qualified & Professional DVSA Instruction

To achieve the strict standard required for the Initial CPC (LGV/PCV), you will need tailored professional instruction from an Instructor who has proven experience in Initial CPC training, from the LGV/PCV driver training industry.  Any other industry related instructor, or a lorry driver who knows the vehicle very well, will not understand the test well enough and possess the instructional ability to get you to the standard.

  •  Reliable & Modern Training Vehicles

It is often the case that some instructors and training providers have used old “spare” vehicles for Initial CPC module tests. This can leave you open to being let down due to mechanical failure or being turned away at the test centre by the examiners.

The vehicle should be modified for the Initial CPC test to help you. It should be modern, clean and meet the DVSA minimum test vehicle requirements.

  •  It is a practical test, requiring practical training and thorough knowledge of the vehicle.

Watch out for Initial CPC training delivered entirely in the classroom and just 5 minutes walking around the vehicle – it is not good enough!

There will always be small element of information based content taught in the classroom, but the majority of your training should be out on the vehicle.  You should expect to undertake at least a couple of hours training to prepare you anywhere near the Module 4 test standard.

  • £210.00/mo
  • + VAT + DVSA Test Fee
    • Use of modern training vehicles included
    • Courses available every day including DVSA test
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The next steps...

If you have not done so already, you will need to book the LGV/PCV Case Studies first. This can be booked on the GOV.UK website.

Once you have passed the Case Studies, you are now ready to take the Module 4 – Practical Demonstrations Test. Have a look at our availability.

Available Course Dates


24th November

27th November

4th December


If you would like to book one of these course, please fill in the booking form below and one of our training coordinators will give you a call to discuss.

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