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Trailer Training UK - The South's Premier Commercial Driving School, Centres in Southampton, Newbury & Abingdon

Trailer Training UK - Winner of the Worldwide Business Review award for ‘The Leading Providers of Lorry Driver HGV Training - South England 2018


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Qualified & Friendly Instructors

Over 30 Years Driver Training Experience

Proven 88% First Time Pass Rate

B+E Car & Trailer


The B+E licence course is for the car or van and trailer, with a Gross Train Weight exceeding 3500kg. The B+E trailer training course is for those that have passed their car driving test on or after 1st January 1997. Therefore, they will need the additional B+E trailer licence to tow large trailers. Trailer Training UK is the industry leader in tailored B+E training.

LGV C1 Ambulance


The LGV C1 licence is to drive vehicles between 3500kg and 7500kg. This includes most emergency ambulances and Horsebox lorries for example. Trailer Training UK is an approved Driver Training Supplier to South Central Ambulance Service, South East Coast Ambulance Service and the London Ambulance Service.

LGV C1 7.5T Lorry

Trailer Training UK - LGV C1 7.5 Tonne Horsebox Lorry Course

If you passed your car test after 1st January 1997 you will need the LGV C1 licence to drive vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight between 3500KG and 7500KG. For instance, some horse box lorries, motorhomes etc.

LGV C1+E 7.5T & Trailer

Trailer Training UK - LGV C1+E 7.5 Tonne Vehicle and Trailer Training Course

You will need the LGV C1+E licence to drive vehicles weighing between 3500kg – 7500kg GVW towing trailers over 750kg. You may have the C1+E on acquired rights. However, this will be weight restricted. If you need to get this 107 restriction removed it will be the C1+E course you need.

PCV D1 Minibus

Trailer Training UK - PCV D1 Minibus Course

You will need the PCV D1 licence if you wish to drive a vehicle that has 9 -16 passenger seats. Also, you may have the D1 on acquired rights and need to get the 101 restriction removed, to be able to drive for hire/ reward. In short, the D1 will be the course for you.

PCV D1+E Minibus & Trailer

minibus and trailer training

The PCV D1+E licence will enable you to drive a vehicle that has 9 -16 passenger seats, whilst towing a trailer with a MAM over 750kg. This is ideal for those involved in transport for educational activities such as Sports teams, Schools or colleges and Scout Groups.

LGV C (Rigid / HGV Class 2)

Trailer Training UK - LGV C Rigid Class 2 HGV Training Course

The category LGV C course is for those who want to drive a Rigid Goods Vehicle witha  GVW over 7500kg, commonly known as the HGV Class 2. Our HGV training vehicles are easy to drive. Therefore, making the step into Heavy Goods Vehicles a smooth one for you.

LGV C+E (Artic / HGV Class 1)

HGV training in southampton

The category LGV C+E course is for those who want to drive an Articulated or Draw Bar Goods Vehicle, commonly known as HGV Class 1. We use typical modern automatic industry-type vehicles for HGV training.

Driver CPC - LGV & PCV

Trailer Training UK - Driver CPC Course - Initial CPC - Periodic CPC

Trailer Training UK are an approved Driver CPC training centre.

We offer Periodic CPC training courses six days a week. In addition, we have in-house examiners to maximise our availability for the CPC Module 4 Tests.

Caravan Courses

Trailer Training UK - Caravan Handling Course

Our caravan handling and reversing courses are for those who have never towed a caravan before but have their licence on acquired rights. In addition, for those who have previously undertaken a B+E test but are looking to improve their caravan- specific knowledge and skills.

Trailer Handling / Duty of Care

Trailer Training UK - Trailer Handling Course

Individuals and companies can both benefit from completing a duty of care course, gaining the knowledge to tow and reverse large trailers safely and lowering the risk of damage or injury. Moreover, this helps achieve higher safety standards, whilst reducing accidents and insurance costs.

HIAB Training

Trailer Training UK - HIAB Lorry Mounted Crane Course

We offer Lorry Mounted Crane (HIAB) courses at both novice and experienced levels. We will help you become comfortable and confident, and also register your qualification with the RTITB if needed.

About Trailer Training UK

Trailer Training UK Ltd are your local & friendly established commercial driving school. With our highly qualified and experienced team of staff; at multi-purpose training centres for B+E, LGV / HGV, CPC, HIAB, ADR and PCV training. Our HGV Training, Trailer Training and Driver Training Courses are available in Southampton (Hampshire), Abingdon (Oxfordshire) and Greenham (Berkshire). In other words, our centres help cover those from the South Coast and Home Counties including Hampshire, Sussex, Dorset, Surrey, Wiltshire, Berkshire and surrounding areas.

Trailer Training UK Ltd has rapidly grown from strength to strength in the past 15 years. As a result, they are an approved and award-winning B+E and HGV / LGV training provider.

Meanwhile, they are growing and expanded as the industry leading training provider for both it’s private and commercial clients. In addition, Trailer Training UK are at the forefront of using technology to push forward driver training and instructional techniques across all our courses.

Over the years we have helped many thousands of clients achieve their goals, and so progressing to new careers. Therefore, we have had the privilege of seeing them acquire new driving licences and professional industry standard qualifications.

Expertly Led with Award-Winning HGV Training

Leading our dedicated team at Trailer Training UK is Veteran & Expert Instructor and Director, Steve Davis DVSA ADI. He holds the highest grade DVSA ADI qualification (Grade A) among a range of other professional and instructional qualifications. Steve’s background is Ex-Army (Royal Corps of Transport), driving and expertly instructing at the highest possible level on a wide range of vehicles and platforms all over the world. These vast skills include from teaching off road driving skills, blue light driving, driving instructor training, response driving. In addition, his expertise lies also in instructing drivers on some of the world’s biggest and most complex vehicles, including heavy machinery, tank transporters and armoured vehicles to name a few.

Furthermore, Steve is well-known and widely respected, with a proven record as one of the most knowledgeable DVSA ADIs around. Similiarly, he successfully owned previous driving schools as well as working with the AA.

“The things that Steve doesn’t know aren’t worth knowing”.  Moreover, with endless awards and recognition for his abilities, it’s by this ethos and standard that Trailer Training UK operates. Priding itself on excellent customer service, tailored training and training innovation.

Professional trailer training and LGV / HGV driver training at competitive prices. B+E, CPC and HGV Training Courses are readily available Winchester, Southampton (Hampshire), Newbury or surrounding areas.
  • Above all, we hold a proven overall average 1st time pass rate of 88% (DVSA national average is 55.4%).
  • Modern, comfortable and adaptable fleet of Training Vehicles.
  • The most competitive training rates in the South of the UK.
  • Qualified DVSA ADI, NRLGV, Driving Instructors, RTITB to name a few.
  • Multi-Purpose Training Centres delivering over 25 different types of Training Courses every day.
  • Long Established PCV & HGV / LGV training provider
  • The UK`s leading B+E car and trailer training provider
  • Trailer Training UK are the official approved LGV C1 Training Provider for South Central Ambulance Service
  • The NHS’s leading LGV C1 & PCV D1 ambulance training provider.
  • Friendly, professional and also some DBS checked Instructors.
  • Training consultants to the Camping and Caravanning club, NCC, RYA and local companies.
  • Preferred driver training provider for HM Royal Navy & BAE Systems 2009-2013.
  • Approved Periodic Driver CPC training centre for HGV and PCV (AC01206)
  • Similiarly, we are also an SQA Approved ADR (Dangerous Goods ) Training Centre.
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