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Why choose Trailer Training UK for your Periodic CPC Training?

We use only Qualified & Professional JAUPT Instructors – Our instructors are JAUPT approved having undergone significant vetting, and proof of industry experience and qualifications. Our instructors draw on over 25 years’ industry experience in jobs ranging from Transport Management, HM Armed Forces and Government Enforcement Agencies (VOSA, Police) etc. They have then worked in the training environment using Forklift Trucks of all types, to get our clients to the RTITB test standard but also competent in the working environment.


Your Knowledge and Understanding is our Reputation – Periodic Driver CPC training should be a relaxed, two-way discussion with a Professional Instructor imparting knowledge and best practice, with your contributions and experiences.  It is not delivery of a powerpoint in a classroom by drivers to drivers, just to get it out of the way.


Recent JAUPT CPC Audit proves Instructional Excellence & Customer Satisfaction – Although we welcome it, we are a centre that rarely gets visited and audited by JAUPT – and that’s a good thing! A centre that is compliant in both administration and delivery of CPC Training, and has highly competent instructors, will rarely get an unannounced audit. Essentially left to get on with their good work, whilst those not so good get more visits. We have only had 3 audits in the last 8 years!

Things to consider with Periodic CPC Training
  • Established Professional JAUPT Periodic CPC Centre?

Ensure that your instructor and his registered centre are approved with JAUPT (the government CPC awarding body). JAUPT CPC Instructors must legally undertake CPD and ensure they are the most current in legislation and industry practice.

They must legally have available their recent 12 months course feedback forms. These score the drivers’ experiences from 1-5 on facilities, content and Instructor performance. A score of 3 or less in any or some areas is not a good indication.

You must learn or be updated on something from each day, that is why we have the Periodic Driver CPC. Having taught CPC training across the UK since it began, I assure you every day all drivers have learnt something new.


  • Qualified & JAUPT Approved Instructors with Industry Experience

They should be able to comfortably deal with a range of queries you have relating to Haulage or Passenger carrying operations, demonstrating a breadth of industry experience and up to date knowledge.

You Instructor may of course not done everything in the PCV / LGV world, but if they are experienced enough they will definitely have the knowledge to help you – Watch out for the constant “Not sure, I will go and check that and come back to you”!


  • Training delivered on-site at your premises or at a Training Centre

Be careful of the individual “one man band” self-employed instructors, who are not part of an established professional centre set up. It is critical for training support and contingency, when things rarely inevitably go wrong, and often a notable difference in quality being employed with a local training company.

Go and visit the training centre to see them in action – meet their staff and see their facilities for yourself. Any centre should welcome you with open arms.


  • How many hours training per day you getting and watch out for cancellations?

You must receive the full 7 hours training enough to get you to legally recorded and uploaded to get your DQC card (after 35 hours).

Also, be wary if there is a history of courses being cancelled or re-arranged. This is most likely because the Instructor/ Centre does not have anyone booked onto the course. The last thing you want is to book holiday from work and lose wages, for someone to cancel the course at the last minute.

  • £60.00
  • Fixed Cost (1 day)
    • Course fees subject to VAT & DVSA CPC upload fees
    • JAUPT approved for both LGV & PCV drivers
    • Courses available 6 days a week, most weeks of the year.
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  • £296.87
  • Fixed Cost (5 days)
    • Course fees subject to VAT & DVSA CPC upload fees
    • JAUPT approved courses for LGV & PCV Drivers
    • Courses available 6 days a week, most weeks of the year.
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Available Course Dates


Monday 29th January-Friday 2nd February

Monday 19th February- Friday 23rd February



Monday 5th- Friday 9th February

Monday 12th- Friday 16th February

Monday 12th February- Friday 16th February

Saturday 3rd February

Saturday 17th February

Saturday 3rd March


***Saturday CPC courses are available at our location or own site upon request. Please contact a member of the team to discuss these options***


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