Driving Course Booking Form

Driving Course Booking FormDriving Course Booking Form

Please complete the driving course booking form below. You must bring your driving licence (with LGV/PCV theory test certificate if applicable) with you on the course. Failure to do so may result in the course being cancelled and will result in the DVSA not conducting your test and all fees will be lost – see T&C’s.

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Please tick here to confirm you hold the necessary provisional entitlement and if applicable passed the theory test certificate (LGV & PCV Courses).

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Please tick here to confirm you a valid UK Passport for the duration of the course. This will be required if your photo (serial 4b) on your license has expired.

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If the candidate has any medical conditions, disabilities or learning difficulties that may be relevant to the course, then Trailer Training UK Ltd should be informed in order to best facilitate any requirements.

I confirm that by returning this driving course booking form and ticking the following box, I have read and agreed to the full terms and conditions of business located on this page and my details will be passed to Trailer Training UK Ltd.

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PLEASE NOTE: This driving course booking form will be valid for any retests booked, corresponding to the original booking.

Please remember to bring your driving licence (with LGV/PCV theory test certificate if applicable) with you on the course. Failure to do so may result in the course being cancelled and will result in the DVSA not conducting your test and all fees will be lost – see T&C’s.




1. Driving Licence
Candidates must produce their valid driving licence with necessary provisional entitlements (and theory test pass certificate if applicable) in order to be able to undertake training and DVSA tests. Failure to produce may result in the course and test being cancelled and loss of all fees. It is the candidates responsibility to ensure they have all or any necessary entitlements or provisions to undertake the training and or tests required. Trailer Training UK Ltd cannot be liable for the candidate being booked onto the incorrect course. We can only provide advice and guidance on information given to us, it is not legally binding. Any traffic offences committed fines and or penalty points incurred during training or tests are the responsibility of the candidate. If your licence requires you to wear corrective lenses for driving you must bring them onto the course with you. Trailer Training UK Ltd reserve the right not to undertake training if the licence conditions are not met for the training and or tests. Should for any reason the candidate not present their driving licence for test, Trailer Training UK Ltd hold no responsibility or liability as it is the licence holder’s responsibility. It is the student’s responsibility to keep hold of their licence when passing a test, if they are undertaking another practical test.


2. Vehicle Insurance
“Trailer Training UK Ltd.’s” insurance provides cover whilst candidates are driving our vehicles providing they hold an appropriate full / provisional driving licence and are accompanied either by the instructor or the test examiner. If providing your own vehicle for training and tests you must ensure and provide proof if required to the DVSA examiner that your vehicle is covered for the purpose of driving instruction and tests. Trailer Training UK Ltd cannot be held responsible if the DVSA do not conduct the test if the above is not satisfied. Other activities involved in training can be hazardous and candidates are urged to exercise extreme care at all times. We cannot accept any liability, or responsibility, for personal injury however caused.
“Trailer Training UK Ltd” cannot accept any responsibility for any candidate’s loss or damage to possessions or effects whilst on our premises or in our vehicles.


3. Vehicles
If using our vehicles and or trailers we will ensure that they are legal and roadworthy and fit the DVSA minimum test vehicle requirements. Trailer Training UK Ltd reserve the right to not undertake the training or test if it is felt that the candidate is not treating the equipment with suitable respect and vehicle sympathy, utilising the vehicle in the correct and safe manner. If using your own vehicle and or trailers you are responsible to ensure the above and provide documents for inspection by the DVSA if required. You must also provide a rear number plate if using our trailers. When candidates are supplying their own suitable towing vehicle(s) for DVSA tests, they are responsible for ensuring the vehicle meets with the DVSA minimum test vehicle requirements. Trailer Training UK Ltd cannot be held responsible or financially liable if training or DVSA tests cannot be conducted if failure of the above. Any unnecessary damage or wear and tear caused to the vehicles by the candidates during training may incur additional fees. Vehicles and instructors are subject to availability throughout the duration of your course; however we will do our best to ensure you stay with the same instructor and vehicle.


4. Number Plates
If supplying your own vehicle for training you must ensure you bring a rear number plate for our trailer if provided. Failure to supply a rear number plate may result in some or all or parts of the course being cancelled. The course would then need to be re-booked at additional cost.


5. Health and Safety
“Trailer Training UK Ltd” will provide you with a high visibility vest for training; you are advised to wear this at all times when outside the vehicle. Trailer Training UK Ltd cannot be responsible for injury or other consequences as a result of the customer failing to wear any PPE provided. Warm / waterproof clothing, gloves and suitable footwear is the customer’s responsibility; you should come appropriately dressed for the weather and conditions. Short regular breaks will be taken throughout the duration of your course as managed or deemed suitable by your instructor. Breaks are an important part of the training to get the candidate to the required standard for the DVSA test / course objective. However should an instructor deem it unsafe to continue training with candidate despite best managing the time and need to finish training earlier than planned the candidate is not entitled for that remaining time to be re-arranged or moved to another day, this remains at the discretion of Trailer Training UK Ltd.


6. Course Bookings
A course is only deemed booked upon either the company receiving a correctly completed booking form, copies of driving licences and theory confirmation if required, and full payment; or may be booked over the phone if it is a short notice booking. In the event of a short notice booking a form may not be completed but agreement accepted over the phone with the candidate being informed it cannot be cancelled or re-arranged. The company reserve the right to not undertake training or provide courses if these conditions are not met. If course dates are provided or you’re provisionally booked on a course this does not qualify as a confirmed booking. Candidates will need to ensure they have the correct provisional entitlements for the course they are booked on; it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure they are booked onto the correct course. Trailer Training UK Ltd can only advise but do not accept legal responsibility; no refunds can be made for a wrong course booking.


7. Deposits and Cancellations
A deposit is required at the time of booking for all courses; this is £200 and £300 for 2:1 Training. If a course is booked within 10 clear working days of the course start date the full payment is required at time of booking and is non-refundable. The course and DVSA test are not booked for the customer if payment is not received. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure payments are received to us on time, if not; this may result in late payment fees. Notice of cancellation or re-arrangement of a course or part of must be given in writing (email, telephone or text is not acceptable) no less than 10 clear working days (Mon-Fri) prior to the commencement date of the course. If the above notice of is not given as above of the start date, we reserve the right to charge the full outstanding balance. We shall however do our best to reallocate the course dates to another client and if successful reduce some of the cancellation fee. Payment of outstanding balances must be made 10 clear working days prior to commencement of training. If paying by credit card, please note, a 2.5% surcharge will be added.


8. Disruption to Courses and DVSA Tests
We make every effort to ensure that courses go ahead as arranged. We cannot, however, be held responsible or financially liable for disruptions / re-arrangements caused by unforeseen instructor illness, inclement weather conditions, unforeseen traffic delays or accidents, unforeseen mechanical breakdown including blown bulbs, punctures or any other mechanical issue or postponement and / or cancellation of tests by the DVSA. In the event a DVSA test being cancelled the candidate must rebook additional training time and if necessary a test with the company paying the necessary fees. The candidate should then look to claim any expenses or costs from the DVSA using the claim form provided. The location date and time of the test is subject to availability and can be changed by the DVSA or other factors at any time, Trailer Training UK Ltd have no control over this and therefore cannot be held responsible. Candidates arriving late or not attending courses will not be able to make up any time lost and no refund will be made. Courses cannot be cancelled or rearranged under any circumstances including, illness, death, injuries or bereavements, if we are out of our 10 working days cancellation policy.


9. Bad Weather
In the event of bad or severe weather including but not limited to snow, ice, floods high winds etc, Trailer Training UK Ltd have to comply with the DVSA bad weather policy which can be found at https://www.gov.uk/practical-driving-test-for-cars/cancelled-or-stopped-tests-and-bad-weather. Trailer Training UK Ltd have no control of knowing if or when the DVSA will cancel the driving test and therefore the DVSA’s policy is that all students must attend the driving test centre for the test until told otherwise by the DVSA. In the event of such adverse weather, training will continue as planned from our training centre or other site’s if applicable when it is deemed safe and suitable to do so by Trailer Training UK Ltd. Where training can proceed as explained above, Trailer Training UK Ltd cannot be held responsible for customers not being able to arrive to start their training due to adverse weather from their location or en-route and fees cannot be refunded and training cannot be re-arranged for another date.
In the event that Trailer Training UK Ltd decides it is unsafe or unsuitable for training to proceed, then we will look to re-arrange the customers training. However, in the event that the customer is still able to undertake their test as determined by the DVSA, despite our best efforts Trailer Training UK Ltd cannot be responsible for the student not being at the required test standard due to having missed training due to the adverse weather conditions.


10. Behaviour and Conduct of the Candidate
“Trailer Training UK Ltd” reserve the right to terminate the course immediately and with no notice should the candidate or their party become abusive, prove to be unwilling to carry out instructions given, and is felt to be a danger to themselves, other road users, maltreatment of the company’s vehicles or equipment or to “Trailer Training UK Ltd.’s” staff. Likewise, any inappropriate behaviour by the candidate or if the instructor feels that the candidate is suffering from the effects of alcohol, drugs or lack of sleep shall result in the termination of training. No refund will be given in these circumstances.
“Trailer Training UK Ltd” reserves the right to withhold the use of its vehicles and staff for the driving test if for any reason it is felt by our staff that the candidate has not reached the required standard to drive safely without instruction. No refund will be given in these circumstances.


11. Trailer Handling and Caravan Courses
All caravan and trailer handling courses are with customers own vehicle and trailer or caravan, we can however when pre-arranged supply a caravan / trailer if the customer prefers for a small additional fee (£10+VAT). Customers vehicles must have a suitable and working tow bar and electrics, our trailers are fitted with a standard 50mm tow ball Coupling and 7 pin electrics. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have any additional adaptors needed to meet this. When pre-arranged we can supply the adapter. x2 Towing extension mirrors are required for caravan courses. If the customer needs to use our towing vehicle there will be an additional fee (£10 + VAT)


12. Data Protection
Trailer Training UK Ltd will not sell your details to any third party, your details will be kept confidential between yourself, Trailer Training UK Ltd and any relevant parties to your course, e.g. the DVLA / DVSA. Trailer Training UK Ltd may use these details to send you any of the following –

1. Any information pertaining to your course.

2. Invoices.

3. Links to your pass photo.

4. Trailer Training UK promotional information, discounts and thank you rewards.

Trailer Training UK instructors may ask to take your photo on passing your test. This is completely optional. By allowing us to take your photo, you are consenting for us to use your photo in future marketing  material including (but not exclusive to) social media posts, flyers, brochures and websites. We will never give your photo to a third party.

To opt out of either 3 or 4, please send an email to info@trailertraininguk.co.uk – for example, “opt out 3”.